Naruto 651 Online – Naruto, Sasuke’s Ultimate Jutsu!

Here we are for the latest naruto 651, Get to watch the next naruto manga 651. Click naruto 651 scans below to read the complete naruto 651 English chapter scans. I really hope that the union of Naruto and Sasuke’s power leads to some unexpected development. We have already seen Madara combine the power of the 9-tails with a full powered Susanoo. If Madara couldn’t even defeat Hasirama with the full Kyuubi and an even Stronger Susanoo than Sasuke’s I really don’t see how this combination will be enough. Sasuke and Naruto will need to contribute something entirely new to the equation. It has already been hinted that there are different types of Sage mode, and since Naruto and Sasuke are both from different bloodlines, the combination of all those qualities fusing together could create something that we have never seen before.

naruto 651

I understand where you are coming from with Obito not being someone who is worthy of being taken seriously as a respectable villain because of his somewhat pitiful personality and the possible hidden reason behind him pushing so hard to carry out the Moon’s Eye Plan (that hidden reason being Rin). However, acknowledging his intelligence and craftiness are good enough reasons not to underestimate him and to have some respect for him in that regard. He’s proven himself to be quite the manipulator to further his plans and I feel that if Naruto wasn’t so stubborn on wanting to change the world, he probably would have given in to Obito’s mind games. Yes, Obito is delusional and him carrying out this Moon’s Eye Plan is a reflection of that. Nonetheless, I would want to have him as an opponent just so I can mess with his head (but that’s just me). Knowing what I know about him would make me pity him and mess with his psyche, yet I would still keep my guard up because he is a powerful opponent.

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