One Piece Manga 726 – One Piece 726

Read one piece 726 Online – one piece Chapter 726 High Quality English Scan, read one piece 726 high quality (HQ) English scan first here in this website. Rebecca doing fine within her limited abilities is actually pretty much the best piece about this chapter opposing to Law who actually goes quite overboard and even becomes a little pathetic “just living for this one day”. He was a great help in rescuing Sanji but Law just won’t win anything against Doflamingo. It’ll be interesting to see how both react to each other as both have similar thoughts on some stuff.

one piece 726

Doflamingo doesn’t seem to be evil, but he has his own way of doing stuff. Despite being seen as a villain, he doesn’t have the characteristics of a villain other than cruelty as shown in Momonosuke’s flashback. His crew is even loyal to him, while Doflamingo seems to care about his crew. I’m sure there are several ways to get in there since even that toy we saw in the chapter where soldier was talking about the residence of Dressrosa forgetting things and toys really being humans. So the toy trash chute and the chute under the coliseum are connected. And from the many holes that were shown above the tank, it looks like there are many different ways to end up there. It would be interesting if DD had a hole connected to each person’s house and just randomly selected people at times and took them from their homes via trap door.

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